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I have some Digimon cards for sale today!
They are English Upper Deck Series 2 cards, with a few random JP anime cards too.
Most are just 25 cents each! Woo!

\\\\\     SALE RULES & POLICIES:     /////


I HAVE MULTIPLES OF MANY CARDS... just ask if you're interested!

The backs of the cards have a picture and short description.

[Japanese] Anime Scenes - $0.10 each ONLY MONZAEMON CARD STILL AVAILABLE

[English] Battle Scenes - $0.25 each.
SOLD - metalgreymon vs etemon and garudamon vs mammothmon

Champion Digimon - $0.25 each
SOLD: wizardmon, nanimon

Ultimate/Rookie Digimon - $0.25 each
SOLD: datamon, myotismon, mammothmon, megaseadramon

Partner Ultimates - $0.50 each
SOLD: zudomon, lillymon

Holographic/Prism Cards
Top Row - $0.50 each

Bottom Row - $1.00 each

I also have a spare holo chase card of Elecmon (looks like this). Since I really like Elecmon, I kept 2 of him -- but if another collector would like one, go ahead and ask! I'm looking for around $5.

That's it!


Thanks to everyone who bought stuff!