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\\\\\     SALE RULES & POLICIES:     /////

- Please remember to leave feedback after you have received your order!! Many people don't do it! No news is good news... If something is wrong with your order, let me know ASAP and I will do what I can to help.
- PayPal only. Any type of PayPal payment is accepted.
- Payment is due within 24 hours of getting a total.
- I can do holds for up to 1 week.
- DO NOT ask to hold something for someone else. This is very unfair to others who get there first and want the item themselves.
- I accept trades! I collect quite a few things so just point me to your sales!
- Haggling is OK!
- I ship internationally from Florida, USA.
- Shipping Cost = Postage Price + Fees+ Handling.
- All domestic orders will come with delivery confirmation (if applicable). / All international orders will come with the customs forms number (if applicable). You will get this number once your order is shipped; these serve as my proof of shipment. You may also ask for a receipt.
- Card singles are always shipped in protective sleeves and toploaders. For other items, I use bubble wrap and/or other protective materials.
- In the unlikely event that your package is lost in transit by the post office, I, unfortunately, can NOT afford to replace or refund it.
- By default, I ship everything through USPS First Class. If you want priority mail, tracking, insurance, or something else added... just let me know!
- Items are shipped out within 1 week of me receiving cleared payment!

- PKMNCOLLECTORS Rules & Guidelines apply here as well.
- Feel free to ask any questions!

I ♥ Eevee ~ Eevee Keychain Plush - $20
Brand minty new. Tag is protected inside a plastic cover.

Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon Card Sleeves - $1 for 1 sleeve! Several available

Johto Stickers!
$0.50 each - Houoh, Lugia, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Espeon, Umbreon
$0.25 each - Starters
$0.10 each - All others

- - - - - - - - - - VS CARDS - - - - - - - - - -

 ~ Buy 4 VS cards and get a 5th one for free ~ The free card can be any one from Pictures C or D ~

 photo 0113vsA_zpsbf3f30b4.jpg
PICTURE A - $3.00 each
Manectric vs Altaria
Vibrava vs Altaria
Altaria vs Masquerain
Absol vs Kirlia
Latios vs Blaziken

 photo 0113vsB_zps9e8dd165.jpg
PICTURE B - $2.00 each
Gardevoir vs Manectric
Skitty vs Zangoose
Crobat vs Whismur
Mawile vs Gulpin
Spinda vs Delcatty
Cacturne vs Armaldo
Duskull vs Larvitar
Tropius vs Gardevoir (x2)

 photo 0113vsC_zpsa4b71cef.jpg
PICTURE C - $1.00 each
Dustox vs Skitty
Lotad vs Torchic
Swellow vs Natu
Shedinja vs Chimecho
Aron vs Wurmple
Plusle vs Castform
Minun vs Wynaut
Voltorb vs Spoink
Volbeat vs Chikorita (x2)
Illumise vs Volbeat
Numel vs Grovyle
Camerupt vs Cacturne
Castform vs Shroomish
Kecleon vs Ledyba
Shuppet vs Spinda
Snorunt vs Combusken
Walrein vs Sharpedo
Bagon vs Seedot
Beldum vs Ralts

 photo 0113vsD_zps74785ee9.jpg
PICTURE D - $0.50 each
Nuzlock vs Makuhita
Wingull vs Azurill
Nincada vs Pikachu
Nosepass vs Nincada
Swalot vs Loudred
Torkoal vs Roselia
Lileep vs Corphish
Dusknoir vs Illumise
Chimecho vs Whismur
Spheal vs Wynaut
Castform vs Pichu (x3)

 ~ Buy 4 VS cards and get a 5th one for free ~ The free card can be any one from Pictures C or D ~

Reverse-Holo cards - $2.00 for all

Bagon and Dragonair from the Dragon's Vault mini-set - $2.50 for both

Rares (not holo) - $5 for all 7

 photo 0113toppslot_zps655cd0b9.jpg
Topps Cards - $3.00 for all 7. Slaking is holo.

Movie Card - $1 for Treecko. Mightyena is sold.

Legendary Beast Trio PreRelease Sleeves - $10. Mint condition set of 60-count sleeves, in agorgeous blue color. *~*

Dark Explorers Prerelease Deck Box - $5. Photo shows front/back/sides, can be used to store any little things

Black & White Legendary Kit - $5. Contains 2 styli, 2 game cases, and 1 cleaning cloth. Will separate if there's interest

Psyduck Pokemon Time "Bookmark" - $5 (WILL TRADE FOR A DIFFERENT ONE! Preferably Blastoise)

Zekrom Overdrive Chupa - $5
Brand new, though there is a mark on his tail (seen in pic) from a painting error it seems. Comes with the original tag/insert.

Jakks Oshawott/Mijumari - $3. Figure is a few inches tall, quite sturdy, and made of solid plastic.

Metal Figures Lot - $2.00 for all 3. They are from a GA and have some wear.

 photo mcd2011pokemon_zps4cfb829e.jpg
FULL SET of 2011 McDonalds Black & White Toys - $40. Un-opened, comes with the cards and everything. Will not split. (Sorry this may seem costly, but I went off the eBay price... O.o )

McDonalds Zoroark, Burker King Togepi (doesn't light up anymore) - $0.50 takes them both

Random Flats - $5 for the whole lot

Master Trainer Pogs Lot - $2.00 for them ALL. They are from a GA and have wear. Not all of the pokemon pictured are available. GONE: Drowzee, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Kanhaskhan, Arcanine

Lunchables Cutout Lot - I cut these out from Pokemon Lunchables long ago...... $1.00 for ALL

FREE - empty booster pack wrappers. i have many multiples of most of these.

FREE - more empty booster pack wrappers. i only have 1-2 of these. NOTE: donphan and gyarados packs are damaged/torn. GONE: Lugia, Darmanitan, Terrakion

That's all folks

~Thanks for visiting~

sales are open ! last updated august.19.2012
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Occasionally I sell things on eBay as well ---> click here to visit
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